My first Blog outa Boredom

i think i am in the extreme level of boredom in my lame hostel. Not exactly bored actually just thought of having emotion flow through written words. honestly i dont know how long ill survive writing as i am lazy as hell.
Just for this date 8.04.2009:
Im back from two camping which only had 5 days gap in between. I really thought after the second camping my heart will not be in the same place which was proven to be wrong. Despite all the ugly moments of having to climb the mountain and getting down from it, i was actually happy. The happiness is mainly due to the lovely sunrise, awesome scenery and the chance of getting to play in the waterfall. In the end i just realized how close my best friends are. We have survived days of not sleeping, not bathing and the worst of everything. I have never done that with my other friends and these people are more like my siblings because they see the best and the worst in me but never complained or never left my side. I love you guys even if i don’t say it often. Apart from that, I have leg aches and body cramps. Oh yeah, i love Negeri Sembilan as they defeated Kelantan. I cant believe my strength when i could actually watched the game even though i was in the verge of dropping down outta tiredness. I guess the state spirit is high in me.
I hope i will be writing more soon.
Till then, XoXo